Childhood does not repeat itself, it passes in an instant

Centro Infantil Maria de Monserrate

Centro Infantil Maria de Monserrate is more than just a kindergarten.

It’s a meeting point for a whole educational community inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola who left his sword and dagger at the feet of Our Lady of Montserrat and devoted his life to Christ in the pursuit of a better world.

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Tribo summer camps

TRIBO is the natural result of Caminhos da Infância mission since the very beginning: to promote the welfare of children and families. It features 3 annual summer sleepaway camps for 35 children, supervised by 14 monitors and one coordinator each.

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What makes you grow up?

In October 2017, we released our very first book!

A book for children and caretakers. An artwork full of pictures that make you dream, pushing the younger to grow up and the older to remember the importance of a meaningful childhood. A book written by many hands, to be read by many voices and enjoyed by many families.

“What makes you grow up?” is the first book released by Caminhos da Infância. Words are written by Sérgio Godinho, Rita Blanco, Paul Auster, Eunice Muñoz, and Catarina Poeiras. Pictures were painted by Ricardo Paula. This joint effort shares with readers of all ages the simplest things marking a unique period in life - childhood. It can help the younger to grow up: with a bedtime story, catching fireflies in the dark, overcoming ocean anxiety, and that tender moment when your parents tuck you in before you go to sleep…

And the final blank page is waiting to be filled up with each child’s drawing and words in each home when they are invited to do it: and you, what makes you grow?

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Livro o que me faz crescer

All revenues from this book will continue to support us in rolling up our sleeves!

Parent counseling

TAKE YOUR PART IN THE STORY is another service provided by Caminhos da Infância. It aims to support parents and caretakers with information, counseling and training on parenthood.

This is not about a writing an exact prescription (for there is none), but about informing and supporting caretakers to take their part in a unique story – childhood.

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Caminhos da Infância testimonials


Our first contact with the work of Caminhos da Infância was in 2014, on the campaign Childhood: once upon a lifetime. First, we were drawn by the very message. And then, the design! We immediately got in contact with Caminhos da Infância to congratulate them and invite them to join our partnership.

Rosário, Farmhouse

Rosário, Farmhouse

Caminhos da Infância has stood out as an innovative and excellence benchmark within the scope of child abuse prevention, fostering research, promoting and assessing with other players effective answers to pressing social issues concerning childhood.

Maria Manuela Calheiros

Maria Manuela Calheiros

They excel for the outstanding organization, highest scientific quality of contents, stakeholder’s engagement and the excellent cooperation with the relevant child protection players and institutions.

Congratulations to all promoters for their work and creativity!

Prof. Drª Lúcia Williams

Prof. Drª Lúcia Williams

CIMM has given my daughters all a mother can wish for when she’s away: safety, kindness and age-appropriate development (under one year old).

CIMM philosophy and their nature approach have brought a very special balance to my family.

Joana Reis

Joana Reis

You can also help us make a difference in promoting and protecting childhood. Kindly donate!

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Total number of children under childcare institutions in 2019

in CPCJ Annual Activity Assessment Report - 2019

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