Caminhos da Infância

This project was born out of the experience of many people.

As professionals, we believe that acting preemptively is crucial. Hence, we work to raise awareness in all stakeholders in our society to prevent child abuse and parenting negligence while promoting a positive parenting approach. Because childhood only comes once!

About us


Promoting childhood and protecting children in all their life dimensions.



To be an excellence benchmark within child abuse prevention, fostering research, promoting and assessing with other associations effective answers to pressing social issues in our community.



  • Family: Family is an essential cell to building a free, dignifying, humanizing and democratic society.
  • Equity: Working to fix potential discrimination effects that may arise from socio-cultural conditions and to foster a genuine culture of justice and solidarity.
  • Partnerships: Working together with other associations, both academic and institutional, with proven experience in promoting and protecting childhood.
  • Accuracy: All our actions are based on scientific evidence and reviews while promoting the personal and professional development of our teams.

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Total number of children under childcare institutions in 2019

in CPCJ Annual Activity Assessment Report - 2019

Our Background


  • First campaign “Childhood only comes once.” launch
  • CIMM inauguration


  • April – Third campaign “Together we grow up” launch
  • October – Commissioning of “Take a part in the story”, parent counseling office


  • April – Chat show “What makes you grow up?”
  • July - First TRIBO summer camp
  • September – Poster exhibition at ISPCAN congress, Prague
  • October – “Protector Seal” awarded by DGS and CML


  • January – University of Rotterdam, Maria Ulrich Preschool Education College, Erasmus +
  • Maio – May – Official visit: Prime Minister, Labor Minister, Lisbon Mayor
  • Second campaign “Childhood only comes once.” launch at Fundação EDP
  • Exhibition “Childhood only comes once. Enjoy it!” – Street art at Avenida da Índia


  • April – Fourth campaign “Childhood only comes once.” launch
  • June – “What makes you grow up?” book launch
  • July – Sugar packages advertising campaign– Camelo coffee maker
  • December – “Healthy Seal” award and chat show in Ler bookstore “What makes you grow up?”


  • April – Awareness campaign in Lisbon “What makes you grow up?”
  • May – Campaign “Do not disturb: I’m playing with my children!” released by SIC
  • November – Celebration of 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


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Governing Bodies

General Assembly


Marta Barbato


Fátima Ferreira Lima


Ma. Margarida

Martins Carneiro

Steering Board


Francisca Carneiro


Diogo Ivo Cruz


Miguel Proença

Member of the Board:

Marta Bastos


Inês Poeiras

Supervisory Board


Joana Graça


Filipa Gorjão Henriques


Vera Lucena

Contact us

Rua Margarida de Abreu, n.º 4 1900-314 Lisboa

21 136 85 14(Landline local call)

38.744422, -9.130667

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