Parent counseling goals

This is a service provided by Caminhos da Infância. It aims at supporting parents and caretakers with information, counseling and training on parenthood.

Take your Part in the Story

No one knows it all. And sometimes, intuition is not enough! Being a parent is not easy!

This is not about writing an exact prescription (for there is none!), but about informing and supporting caretakers to take their part in a unique story – childhood.

Target Population


supported parents

Parent counseling goals

  • Maintaining and/or improving parents and children interactions;
  • Supporting parents in identifying and anticipating development changes in their children and in meeting their needs;
  • Raising parents’ awareness on their role and parenting style and sharing different parenting practices;
  • Empowering parents, promoting new skills and helping parents to deal with obstacles;
  • Informing, equipping and guiding parents towards a positive parenting;
  • Reporting, supporting and meeting children and families’ needs;
  • Guiding families to access community resources.


  • Getting awareness of their raising practices;
  • Getting support along your’s children development;
  • Fostering parents’ skills and their relation with their children;
  • Feeling confident about their parenting practices, reinforcing family and individual resilience;
  • Having a positive influence on your children development with responsive and sensitive parenting practices;
  • Improving your knowledge on parenting and child development;
  • Preventing risky and hazardous situations and escalation of family problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a parent counseling session? And why?

These sessions provide you with the space and time to think about parenting and development and foster your parenting skills and your relation with your children; Have you ever doubted a certain practice or how to deal with a development issue of your child? There is no single formula, no unique response, no magical and instant solution.

In this space, we simply want to support parents/caretakers in their education challenge.

2. When should I schedule a session?

Whenever you want or feel the need to.

3. Are these individual or group sessions?

These sessions are individual, and they can target one or both parents/caretakers at the same time. Sessions will adapt to parents/caretakers’ expectations and needs.

4. What is the cost of a session?

These sessions are free of charge. They are in line with Caminhos da Infância’s goal to support parents/caretakers in protecting families and children.

5. How long do they last?

It all depends on parents/caretakers’ expectations and needs.

6. Who can apply for counseling?

Any parent/caretaker.

7. How can I schedule an appointment?

You can email or call +351211368514 (Landline local call). Your appointment will be scheduled according to the practitioner’s agenda.

8. Are these sessions confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Sessions are private and confidential, within the terms and conditions set forth in the code of conduct of the Portuguese Psychologists Association.

9. What is child-age limit to attend?

These sessions target parents/caretakers of children and teenagers, 0-18 years old.

You can also help us make a difference in promoting and protecting childhood. Kindly donate!

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